Osteopathy is a physical therapy that uses a variety of techniques to reduce pain, restore movement and promote well-being.  Osteopaths treat all parts of the body – not just backs!

Village Osteopaths is a family and community-orientated osteopathic practice in rural Surrey, between the market towns of Dorking and Horsham in Newdigate.  It is easy to find, easy to park at and its tranquil location surrounded by green fields and birdsong is a great place to start your journey towards feeling better and being able to do more.

Village Osteopaths is run by Helena Greenwood, who has been working as an osteopath for over 15 years; she is well known for her calm and caring approach to all her patients and well-respected amongst her colleagues and other health-professionals. Helena is registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) as required by law for all osteopaths.

This means:

  • She has been trained to a high level at an osteopathic institution approved by the GOsC
  • She is regulated and has to meet the high standards set by the GOsC to protect patients
  • She has to keep up-to-date through doing annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • She will be re-validated every 3 years to keep her registration

Helena exceeds the legal requirements set by the GOsC to be an osteopath

  • As well as a BSc in Osteopathy from the British School of Osteopathy, she has a degree in Natural Sciences (physiology and pharmacology) from Cambridge University
  • She has a postgraduate diploma in Cranial Osteopathy which she also teaches to other osteopaths at a level beyond which is taught in osteopathy degrees
  • She regularly exceeds the requirements of the GOsC in relation to CPD hours and has many hours of post-graduate learning in general osteopathy and her specialist areas, particularly
    • Cranial Osteopathy
    • Treatment of Children
    • Osteopathy for Animals

Helena uses a variety of osteopathic treatment techniques but her real skill and expertise is in using the cranial (also known as cranio-sacral) osteopathic approach to release tension and help you feel better.