Osteopathy for Babies, Children & Pregnant Mums

The thing that babies, children & pregnant mums have in common is the rapidity of the timeframe over which they undergo change to their body.

For a baby, in a mere 9 months they develop from a ball of cells to a proto-adult before undergoing delivery which may be natural or involve interventions such as forceps, ventouse or caesarian section.  Having arrived, there is a load of growing & developing to do, particularly in relating to movement from crawling through sitting to standing & walking.

Similarly, mum’s body has to undergo massive changes to accommodate growth of a baby from a speck to something that can measure over half a metre long and on average at least half a stone, which in the normal course of events has to pass through quite a narrow passage into the outside world.  This process puts huge requirements on mum’s hormonal, musculo-skeletal, circulatory & digestive systems, both before birth as ligaments soften and afterwards, particularly with long or difficult deliveries.

So it’s not surprising that sometimes, some mums and children struggle to accommodate successfully to these physical processes, and in older children as they follow their developmental path.  Osteopathic assessment can help to identify physical restrictions that, with treatment, can enable mum, baby or child to adapt better to these rapid, profound & important changes.