What do patients say about Osteopathy?

These testimonials are written by patients who have seen Helena in recent years who were happy to put their experiences into words and describe the benefits they have received from osteopathic treatment.

Annie, Surrey

I originally went to Helena with hip and back problems which caused me pain on a daily basis and left me unable to exercise, walk for any distance and ride my horse. This inability left me feeling very low and pretty miserable.  At the time I had spent around a year being treated by another osteopath, who just could not seem to fix the problem.  After my first session with Helena, which felt very subtle in comparison to my previous experience, I noticed a vast improvement. Within weeks of my initial treatment I was able to test my body to the physical limits I had been able to before the problems.

The treatment is always very gentle and soothing. Throughout the treatments Helena always explains everything to me which makes me feel very much part of the process.
Now 3 years on I only need to visit occasionally for a general check up, unless I have any other ailments.  I trust Helena’s advice completely and would consider visiting her before my GP as I believe her healing abilities are endless in many fields.  I lead a much happier life and just don’t know what I would do without her.

Nick Georges, Surrey

For the last 11 years Helena has treated all my injuries, including an acute sprained ankle, with great success and I can highly recommend her. Her natural ability to empathise with your body’s ailments is a really wonderful asset.

Maxine, Surrey

I first went to Helena for treatment for a long term lower back and neck problem.
Helena’s treatment involved a detailed assessment incorporating both life history and a physical review. Intervention took the form of massage, manipulation and cranio-sacral techniques as well as what I can only describe as energetic healing. I found improvement/relief immediate. As I improved I started an exercise regime. Helena was able to provide postural advice to help me avoid aggravating any of my weaknesses in my spine during this activity, which I have been able to maintain.

Over the years, I have sought intervention from a variety of health care professionals using many different approaches to treat my back. I have to say the treatment from Helena has been the most holistic, gentle and effective I have ever experienced. I would have no hesitation recommending Helena to anyone needing osteopathy and will continue to visit for regular checkups.

S Mercer, Surrey

I had a sharp pain in my right shoulder that would not go. After a couple of days I decided to get it looked at and my boss recommended Helena.

The problem was diagnosed in the first meeting and by the second meeting a week later the pain had stopped. I was impressed with how quick the process was.

Yolanda M, Surrey

Helena has treated me for my back and neck problems over a period of months. There has been noticeable change in my flexibility and mobility, evident even to my chiropractor, who has been able to access deeper musculature as a result.  A session with Helena is always very professional, relaxing and a form of meditation for me – all adding to the healing I experience.  I would highly recommend her as a healing therapist.

Debbie C, Surrey

I have found my sessions to help not only with my physical alignment, aches and pains, but a treatment with Helena always leaves me with an overall deep sense of calm, well being and peace.  So very relaxing.  The release of tension I experience with my sessions certainly help me to better manage my everyday work life balance. Thank you Helena.

Karen G, Surrey

I have visited Helena Greenwood for a back problem and was very impressed with her in the way she dealt with that and would not hesitate to recommend her to friends and colleagues.

I also now feel much more confident and as a bonus my golf has improved immensely!!

Thank you Helena you are a credit to your profession.

Frans C , Surrey

I find Helena’s skill and healing ability outstanding. The benefits of her work with me, is that my neck and back after a treatment have greater freedom, mobility, and as a result I have had very few dizzy episodes. I recommend her highly as a Health Practitioner.

Joyce Brouitt, Surrey

Helena’s healing hands ease a sore body back into shape. The manipulation is so gentle that it doesn’t seem possible anything can be happening, but surely, and with consummate skill and care she works wonders to restore your well being.